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Irish Linen Shoestring Pocket Square - White / Red

Irish Linen Shoestring Pocket Square - White / Red
Irish Linen Shoestring Pocket Square - White / Red
Irish Linen Shoestring Pocket Square - White / Red
Irish Linen Shoestring Pocket Square - White / Red
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Made in Italy (handrolled)   Fabric:  100% linen Size:  33 x 33cm (= 13 x 13... more

Made in Italy (handrolled) 

Fabric: 100% linen
Size: 33 x 33cm (= 13 x 13 inch)

White linen with a red border: the perfect pochette for making a statement. The high art of creating tasteful outfits is to walk the thin line between understatement and boredom, interesting and over-the-top. Like this, for example: keep the main part classic (mid-grey suit, white shirt, navy printed tie, dark brown shoes) and add two distinct accessories: this pocket square and red socks. Voilà.

No outfit is really complete without a pocket square. These here are especially easy to coordinate: classic white linen with colored edge (hand-rolled, of course). For linen pocket squares we recommend a rectangular fold: just fold the square in half three times and put it in your pocket so that about 1cm shows. If you like it really crisp you can iron the folded square (omitting the edges, obviously).

Irish Linen is a codename for the highest quality of linen: the long history this island has with the production and weaving of linen has made them masters of this beautiful fabric. By nature, linen is stiff; Irish Linen adds a buttery softness to this without compromising its inherently formal nature. This combination of opposites is what makes this fabric truly special. The breast pocket is the perfect place to showcase these gorgeous qualities: whether in a sharp TV fold or a less structured pointed fold: combined with the meticulously hand-stitched edges, these pocket squares are the embodiment of refined style.

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