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Grenadine / Garza Piccola Tie - Silver - Handrolled

Grenadine / Garza Piccola Tie - Silver - Handrolled
Grenadine / Garza Piccola Tie - Silver - Handrolled
Grenadine / Garza Piccola Tie - Silver - Handrolled
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Handmade in Italy Fabric:  100% silk Length:  147cm (= 58 inch) Construction:... more

Handmade in Italy

Fabric: 100% silk
Length: 147cm (= 58 inch)
Construction: 3-fold hand rolled

Grenadine in garza fina weave, in a two-tone weave that provides sophisticated surface interest. The perfect tie to wear to (a or your) wedding or any other occasion that calls for simple elegance. Wear it with a navy suit, white shirt and white linen pocket square, navy braces and nicely shined oxfords: it really is that easy to be dressed exceptionally well.

Grenadine ties are among our absolute favorites. There are only two weaving mills left in the world which can produce the original; both produce for Shibumi. The old looms on which this wonderful cloth is woven are often still made from wood and are carefully kept in shape by experienced technicians, for no new ones are made.

In the heart of the Italian silk industry, Como, lies one of the oldest silk weavers in Europe. Founded in mid-19th-century, at first as a supplier of silk for furnishings and clothing, they began to make silk for ties when it took its modern shape at the beginning of the 20th century. To this day, a lot of historic, wooden looms are in use, which have not been produced in decades. But there is no substitute for them: our popular grenadine silk is woven on them, for example. We just love this heritage of Italian craftsmanship and we do our best to keep those traditions alive.

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