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Japanese Ramie Tie - Chocolate - Handrolled

Japanese Ramie Tie - Chocolate - Handrolled
Japanese Ramie Tie - Chocolate - Handrolled
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Handmade in Italy Fabric:  100% ramie Length:  147cm (= 58 inch) Construction:... more

Handmade in Italy

Fabric: 100% ramie
Length: 147cm (= 58 inch)
Construction: 3-fold hand rolled

Chocolate is among our favorites when it comes to solid colored ties. This one is a great choice if combined with a plain green or gun club checked summer jacket. Add a light blue shirt, navy pocket square, striped barathea braces and suede adelaide’s in the same shade of brown.

Ramie is very similar to linen and, although almost unheard of in the western world, very popular in East Asia and being used there since more than six thousand years. It’s a very strong and natural fabric, made from the same-named nettle plant. This one comes from Japan and its interesting structure with an open weave makes it perfect for summer ties. In Japan, linen was unknown before Meiji era (1868 - 1912) and ramie was an usual fabric. Due to the westernization, these days linen is much more common in Japan and most ramie manufactories had to shut down. So this fabric is from one of the very few producers who continues the business there.

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