Ancient Madder Silk Tie

FW2023/24 Tie Collection

Printed silks, Japanese repps, madder silks, floral grenadines...our FW2023/24 includes everything you have been searching for.

Woven Ties - FW2023/24

Handmade ties in silk repp, grenadine, jacquard, and woven wool

Woven ties in silk repp, grenadine, jacquard, mogador and woven wool. Woven in Como, Italy and Kyoto, Japan.

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Shibumi tie combined with a suit
Shibumi tie combined with a suit

Shibumi Leather Goods

Scuola del Cuoio x Shibumi Leather Goods

Wallets, credit card cases, cigar cases...made by hand in Florence, Italy.

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Benedikt Fries wears Shibumi Tie and Pocket Square
Shibumi Tie and Pocket Square

Japanese Repp Silks

Our Japanese repp silks are woven in Kyoto on old, slow-speed shuttle looms in order to create a unique and outstanding quality. Our supplier Stile Kyoto has specialized since decades in luxurious tie fabrics. Known for their precision and high level craftsmanship, they make the perfect supplier for Shibumi.

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Shibumi Firenze

Classic menswear accessories & bespoke tailoring

Shibumi (渋味) means subtle beauty or understated elegance in Japanese, which is exactly our understanding of classic menswear: classic without being old-fashioned, simple without being boring. Born in 2012 with the goal to make high quality handmade ties, we’re now popular among style aficionados all over the world. Known for our exclusive printed silk designs and curated selection of unusual fabrics and weaves, we also offer bespoke suits and shirts, pocket squares, braces, scarfs and other classic men’s accessories.

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Crafted from barathea, wool suitings, boxcloth and linen for the discerning gentleman

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Shibumi Shirts


Ready-to-wear shirts, made entirely by hand in Naples, Italy.

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Winter Sale

Up to 40% discount on selected items! Make sure to check out our winter sale including ties, pocket squares, shirts, socks and braces. The quantities are small, so being quick pays. Help us to make some room for our upcoming spring/summer collection!

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Shibumi tie  & Pocket Square combined with a suit

Printed silk ties

Classic floral and medallion prints for the discerning gentleman.

Shibumi tie  & Pocket Square combined with a suit

Hand-screen printed silk ties. Printed in Macclesfield, the capital of screen-printing and sewn by hand in Florence.

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Shibumi knitwear is made by a family business in northern Italy with more than 50 years of experience.

Our collection includes knitted polo shirts, turtlenecks, sleeveless cardigans and regular cardigans.

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Ancient Madder Silk Ties

Ancient Madder Silk: a special kind of printed silk and a particular favorite of ours and connoisseurs worldwide. Nothing compares to its dusty, matte finish that can appear almost rubbery in some cases. A beautiful fit with Shibumi's general aesthetic of simple, discreet elegance.

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Ancient Madder Silk Ties

Wrap yourself in elegance with our FW2023 Scarfs

Experience the luxury of pure cashmere, wool/silk and wool/cashmere scarfs, exquisitely crafted in Macclesfield, UK.

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