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Shibumi (渋味) means subtle beauty or understated elegance in Japanese, which is exactly our understanding of classic menswear: classic without being old-fashioned, simple without being boring. Born in 2012 with the goal to make high quality handmade ties, we’re now popular among style aficionados all over the world. Known for our exclusive printed silk designs and curated selection of unusual fabrics and weaves, we also offer bespoke suits and shirts, pocket squares, braces, scarfs and other classic men’s accessories.

La città di Firenze

Florence - the birthplace of Renaissance and still the capital of art and craftsmanship in Italy, is also home of our tie factory. It’s easy to find inspiration in the streets of cobblestone, on which Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Galileo, Machiavelli, Dante and hundreds of other important historical persons walked.

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Our suppliers

We source our fabrics from selected mills in Como (Italy), Macclesfield (UK) and Kyoto (Japan). All our suppliers have a long history in crafting goods by hand, in unparalleled quality. Most of those are family-run businesses with more than 100 years of experience. Loyalty is important to us, so we're proud that we've built up long-lasting relationships with all of them.

Benedikt Fries
Benedikt Fries

Benedikt Fries, Founder

Benedikt Fries founded Shibumi in 2012. His passion for the fine art of tailoring started at an early age, with an Italian grandfather who used to get his suits from a local bespoke tailor. Gradually expanding the Shibumi product palette from ties to other accessories and finally the introduction of Shibumi’s own bespoke line, his understanding and appreciation of the beauty and tradition of classic men's clothing has only deepened. In his spare time, Benedikt likes to study his other great passion, the culture and fine arts of Japan. The legendary refinement and attention to detail so widespread in this country is another great inspiration of his and he spends as much time in his adopted home country as he can.