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Ukiyo-e Silk Pocket Square - Amagasa - 40x40cm

Ukiyo-e Silk Pocket Square - Amagasa - 40x40cm
Ukiyo-e Silk Pocket Square - Amagasa - 40x40cm
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Product information "Ukiyo-e Silk Pocket Square - Amagasa - 40x40cm"

Made in England (handrolled) 

Fabric: 100% silk
Size: 40 x 40cm (=16 x 16 inch)

It isn’t a secret that we love Japanese culture, art and aesthetics. Especially traditional woodblock prints (= ukiyo-e) are among our favorites and our biggest source of inspiration. Most ukiyo-e use a lot of different colors, which are mostly rather muted and usually include just a hint of vibrant colors. The warm earth tones create a natural and cozy atmosphere. That’s why we decided some years ago to add in-house designed frames and borders and print those wonderful motifs on silk. The result is a small collection of stunning pocket squares. It’s just a great feeling to know that you’re wearing a piece of art in your breast pocket.

These pocket squares are really easy to combine and match with your wardrobe. Due to the color arrangement, the visible colors when worn depend on the way how you fold it. So if you want to match your tie with a particular part of the motif, just make sure that one is popping out of your barchetta. Folding the same square in a different way makes it suddenly the perfect choice with a different suit and tie - the options seem to be endless.

In our current collection we opted for a bit more modern motifs from the Meiji period (1868 - 1912). The Western influence during this period resulted also in stronger colors and cleaner lines in Japanese woodblock prints.

In the quiet hills of the British countryside lies the traditional heart of English silk printing: Macclesfield. Once home to numerous manufactories that produced the inimitable screen-printed silk connoisseurs love so dearly, today there are only two left that produce what internationally became known as “British Neats”. But nowadays they’re also able to print pocket squares using inkjet machines, easily identifiable by the discreet white sheen of the backside (when using block print, the fabric is colored in a ground tone). This modern printing method is best suited for light, more summery colors, which is why we used it here. All our ukiyo-e pocket squares are printed on super soft and delicate 16oz in Macclesfield, UK. They’re generously sized at 40 x 40cm (= 16 x 16”) and neatly hand-rolled in England. 

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