Ramie Braces - Navy

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Made in England

Fabric: 100% ramie
Width: 4cm (= 1 1/2 inch)
Length: 115cm (= 45 inch) - possible to shorten

Ramie is very similar to linen and, although almost unheard of in the western world, very popular in East Asia and being used there since more than six thousand years. It’s a very strong and natural fabric, made from the same-named nettle plant. This one comes from Japan and its interesting structure with an open weave makes it perfect for summer ties. In Japan, linen was unknown before Meiji era (1868 - 1912) and ramie was an usual fabric. Due to the westernization, these days linen is much more common in Japan and most ramie manufactories had to shut down. So this fabric is from one of the very few producers who continues the business there.

Made in a small, traditional manufactory in the heart of the UK with more than 200 years of experience. Our braces combine the best of British craftsmanship with classic, timeless designs. From traditional boxcloth felt in a variety of colors (the same material, by the way, that is also used in world-class pool tables), our beloved barathea to seasonal variants in wool or bamboo, made in cooperation with the best cloth mills of the world: We make sure to offer you the right braces for every occasion and style. Braces are by far the most comfortable method to keep one’s pants up. Since braces are hanging from the shoulders, there is no uncomfortable pulling at the waist and they help you to improve the drape of your trousers.

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Shibumi (渋味) means subtle beauty or understated elegance in Japanese, which is exactly our understanding of classic menswear: classic without being old-fashioned, simple without being boring. Born in 2012 with the goal to make high quality handmade ties, we’re now popular among style aficionados all over the world. Known for our exclusive printed silk designs and curated selection of unusual fabrics and weaves, we also offer bespoke suits and shirts, pocket squares, braces, scarfs and other classic men’s accessories.

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